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compoundmax Germany
Fritz-Thomee-Str. 73 • 58762 Altena • GERMANY
Phone: +49 2352 549951 • Fax: +49 2352 549647

compoundmax ASIA
255 South Wanping Rd., Building 27, Room 1802 • 200030 Shanghai, CHINA
Phone: +86 13 641636246

Email: uf@compoundmax.com

General Manager: Ulrich Frenschkowski

compoundmax is a division of Pro Interlink Services Group Inc.

1. Website content
The information of the website is carefully examined. However, we cannot provide any guarantee for the
completeness, accuracy and up-to-dateness of the content.

compoundmax shall not be liable for the up-to-dateness, accuracy, completeness or quality of information
provided. Liability claims against compoundmax based on material or ideal damage incurred due to the use
or disuse of the information provided or due to the use of inaccurate or incomplete information are generally
excluded. All offers are subject to change without prior notice and non-binding. compoundmax explicitly
reserves the right to change, complete or delete parts of the website or the entire range of products or to
suspend the publication temporarily or permanently without separate announcement.

2. References and links
We hereby distance ourselves explicitly from all contents of all websites linked to this website and point out
that the former do not form part of our website. This declaration applies to all websites linked to our website.
In case of direct or indirect references to external websites (“links”) outside of the area of responsibility of
compoundmax, liability would only apply if compoundmax was aware of the contents and technologically
as well as reasonably able to prevent the use of illegal contents.

Therefore, compoundmax explicitly states that the respective sites were free of illegal contents at the moment
of linking. compoundmax has no influence on the current and future design and the contents of linked websites.
Therefore, compoundmax hereby explicitly distances itself from all contents of linked websites changed after
linking. This shall apply to all links within their own websites as well as external entries in guest books, discussion
forums and mailing lists established by the author. The provider of the linked website shall exclusively be held
responsible for illegal, inaccurate or incomplete contents and particularly for damage resulting from the use or
disuse of such information, not the party who linked their website to the respective publication.

3. Copyright and trademark statement
If a copyright is violated by this website, we ask you to inform us so that we can remedy this violation.

compoundmax aims to comply with the copyrights of graphics, audio files, video sequences and texts used,
to use own graphics, audio files, video sequences and texts or to resort to public graphics, audio files, video
sequences and texts for all publications.

All brands and trademarks referred to on the website and possibly protected by third parties are fully subject
to the regulations of the respectively valid trademark legislation and the ownership rights of the respective
registered owners. Mere reference shall not indicate that the trademark is free from third party rights! The
author of self-designed, published objects shall be protected by the copyright of the author of the website.
Duplication or use of such graphics, audio files, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed
publications is subject to explicit approval by compoundmax.

4. Validity of the disclaimer
This disclaimer shall be regarded as part of the website that referred to this site. If parts or individual formulations
of this text no longer, fully or partly, conform to current legislation, the remaining parts of the document, their
content and their validity shall remain unaffected.


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